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We’re a Wellington-based Digital Marketing company specialising in affordable, cost-effective digital solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.  We are experts at delivering high quality 21st century digital marketing tools that increase your online capabilities and help to increase your overall profitability.


We’re just a small but extremely efficient and dedicated team of experienced IT professionals who are passionate about providing truly affordable, cost-effective digital solutions for business in a digital world. We are especially passionate about helping small and start-up businesses build a powerful online presence and professional business image.


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We specialise in building and growing a powerful online presence and implementing cost-effective digital solutions that can help you cut expensive advertising and marketing costs, while helping to generate new leads, customers and sales.


We produce attractive, versatile, easy-to-use websites that you can easily edit and manage yourself.  We also specialise in creating mobile-friendly sites that will enable you to capitialise on anyone visiting your site from a mobile device.


As well as our Website Design services, we also deliver affordable Mobile Marketing, Web Video Marketing, Brand/Logo Design, Search Engine Ranking and Social Media Marketing solutions that further your ability to cut costs and increase your business profits.


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We formed our business in direct response to an urgent need for affordable digital marketing solutions.  For far too long, we had been watching as many web design and digital marketing companies charged grossly over-inflated prices for their services.


We’re passionate about putting a stop to all the BS, nonsense and fluff that surrounds this industry, and help you to find the best solution to suit YOUR needs and individual business circumstances.


So, it’s our mission to provide expert, personalised, LOW COST, HIGH VALUE digital marketing solutions so you can build a powerful and professional business image and presence, generate more business and revenue, and reduce those expensive traditional marketing and advertising costs.




ALL at a price you CAN afford!



Developing a powerful, professional image and presence for your business need not be an expensive, painful experience.  We CAN help you achieve the perfect image for your business, and develop a powerful online presence without you suffering needless stress, or having to beg, borrow or steal money to afford these vital business services.


To learn how we can help you, and how you can benefit from our services, visit our Services here or Contact us for more info or to book a FREE personalised consultation.


We look forward to helping you create and optimise a powerful business presence – both online and offline – and generate maximum results for your business.


Baden Maxwell
Owner/Digital Marketing Strategist



Baden Maxwell leads the iWEB NZ team, and is responsible for ensuring that our extremely high standards of service are continually met, and that all of our valued clients are achieving the results they seek.  Baden is a highly experienced Internet Marketer, Website Developer, WordPress Specialist and customer services officer who is passionate about providing truly affordable, top quality work and the highest standard of personalised service.

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