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Google+ Local – What Is It?

Published by Baden Maxwell on January 20th, 2013 - in Social Media Marketing

Ever since its launch in June 2011, the Google+ platform has been open to individuals to get involved in discussions, post photos, participate in video conference calls and share stories with their “Circles.”  In just a few short months, the Google+ platform has amassed a staggering 40 million+ users, nearly one third of LinkedIn’s 135 million membership base.

However, in its early stages, the social network did not provide a platform for businesses, and many marketers were left wondering how they could benefit from this new social avenue.

Then in November 2011, and taking the place of its former entity Google Places, Google+ Local was launched.  The social network now allows local businesses to create pages and engage with customers and clients, and has provided another valuable social marketing tool that can be utilised and harnessed to grow a company’s social reach.

We’ve designed an infographic to help illustrate what Google+ Local is, and how your business can benefit from using this valuable social marketing tool.


Google+ Local Infographic


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