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The following notice describes the Disclosure Policy for iWEB Marketing NZ’s website – iwebmarketingnz.com.


This Disclosure Policy is for the purpose of disclosing information about recommendations we make, or some advertisements we may display from time to time on this website, and the financial compensation that we may receive for these recommendations.


US Federal Trade Commission regulations require us to disclose to you information regarding our affiliation to companies or individuals and their products and services.  We provide links to those products and services on our website from time to time and receive commissions based on every SALE we refer through our link.


We deeply value our customers, subscribers and users of our website, and for this reason we make every effort to be as open and forthright as possible.


We believe in disclosing all information that may be relevant or important to the overall experience of our site users, and the impact that this information may have on any individual purchasing decisions.  We make every effort possible to disclose all information that is required by law.


This Disclosure Policy is included in an effort to be as clear and candid as possible about our website business practices.

–  If you purchase a product we recommend on this website using our link, we receive a commission from the product vendor or a 3rd party vendor.  In some instances, we may receive a 50-75% commission of the total purchase amount.

–  We occasionally make recommendations on this site, which include links to helpful resources for which we get some kind of compensation.  We either get a commission for each sale, or receive some form of remuneration, either financially or in kind.

–  These recommendations are based first and foremost on their merit.  We make them either because of their value, helpfulness, and quality, or based on our direct or indirect knowledge of the author’s reputation, track record, and level of expertise.  No advertiser will ever influence the content of this website.

–  Some affiliate links are added automatically with the help of software, which link to specific keywords within the content dynamically.  Others are added as, or after, content is written.  Most affiliate links are added incidentally or subsequently.

–  Some links do not have any affiliation or compensation whatsoever, but are included for the same reasons expressed above.  In other words, we add them based on merit.  If we find them helpful and suspect that they may be of interest to our readers, we will include them, regardless of compensation or lack thereof.

–  Any testimonials used on this website, or any other site this website links to, as far as we have been led to believe, highlight honest, positive and sometimes extraordinary outcomes, achieved under unique circumstances.  Typical results are exceedingly difficult to predict or measure, as all markets, businesses, motives, and results are unique.  Yours will be no exception.

–  As with most training programs or information products, by their very nature, ALL results are ATYPICAL. In other words, such programs are NOT “one-size-fits-all” solutions, as they teach a wide variety of systems and strategies.  Therefore, it is impossible to predict how, or even if, you will use the information in your specific situation.

–  As with any investment or purchase, there is inherent risk of product or service dissatisfaction.  We highly recommend you use sound judgment based on thorough personal research when making a purchasing decision.  YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONDUCT THOROUGH PERSONAL RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE ON THE INTERNET, THIS INCLUDES PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER WEBSITES.

–  All testimonials and case studies used on this website, are collected from people who have had personal experience with these products or services, and they have each submitted their kind words willingly, and without direct financial payment or compensation.

–  In rare cases, such as with case studies, some customers have received substantial discounts on products or services in exchange for their honest review.



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