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Why Should I Secure My Website?

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Having an insecure website is like having a brick-and-mortar business where you NEVER lock your doors, permanently leaving them WIDE OPEN!

Would YOU leave your business wide open so thieves could just walk in and wipe out your assets? Because this is exactly what having an insecure website is like!

You’re inviting digital criminals to come around to your online business, walk right on in and help themselves to your digital information.


How Is My Site Vulnerable?


This may seem hard to believe, but MOST webmasters and designers who use WordPress to build websites have ZERO, or very limited understanding of the fundamental flaws in the default WordPress settings and file configurations.

WordPress is an Open Source platform which is programmed, designed and continually updated by multiple, worldwide contributors – for FREE.

This may seem innocent enough, but the implications of using an Open Source platform like WordPress, are that many vitally important files and settings are NOT automatically secured. It’s up to the individual webmaster to ensure that the website is secured properly. As we commented earlier though, MOST people are not even aware of the fundamental security flaws and do NOT implement adequate security measures.

Because of these core security lapses and the lack of adequate protection for essential site elements, YOUR WordPress powered website IS extremely vulnerable to attack from hackers, digital spies and website hijackers!

Essentially, YOUR website’s front, back and side doors are unlocked AND wide open!

If your website is left in this state, you’re at an extreme risk of LOSING your online capabilities! Or worse, having confidential personal, business and/or financial information stolen and exploited!


Wordpress Site Security

How Can I Tell If My Site Is Not Secure?


There are a few key indicators that we use to analyse and evaluate whether a WordPress site is insecure.

By simply searching for these key indicators by typing specific file destinations into a web browser address bar, we are instantly able to determine whether a site has at least basic security measures in place or not.

Alarmingly, more than 90% of the WordPress websites we analyse are NOT even employing BASIC security measures!

To learn more about how we determine a site’s level of security, read our Key Indicators of Security article.


What Can iWEB NZ Do To Help YOU?


We are WordPress Security experts and can protect your website by properly securing key files, configuring secure settings, implementing solid core security measures and installing the best security plugins available.

Our service will ensure your website has the highest level of security possible, and that your online capabilities are fully protected.

If you have any doubts about the security of your WordPress powered website, we strongly urge you to read our Key Indicators of Security, and Contact Us as soon as possible to ensure swift installation of high level security on your website.


Ensure YOUR Site is FULLY Protected!


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