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Grow YOUR Local Business With QR Codes

Published by Baden Maxwell on May 25th, 2013 - in Mobile Marketing, News

QR Code image
Adding QR Codes to your marketing arsenal can drastically affect the exposure and engagement you receive to your business. Studies have shown that many consumers find them fun, exciting and engaging, and that a large percentage of people are more likely to visit a business after scanning a QR Code.

In our last post, we discussed the Top 5 benefits of using QR Codes to boost your business. We highlighted some important factors that can really help to drive new leads, customers and sales to increase your profits.

Check out our infographic to quickly view how applying QR code advertising to your current marketing methods can help you grow your local business.

QR Code inforgraphic



Need More Sales? Get A Mobile Website!

Published by Baden Maxwell on May 2nd, 2013 - in Mobile Site Design, News

Is your business struggling in this tough economic climate? Are you finding it hard to generate new customers, or retain existing customers?

A mobile website may be the answer to your problem!

You could generate a stream of traffic to your business by having a mobile-friendly website that provides visitors with an easy, frustration-free viewing experience, allowing them to quickly find your important business information like your phone number, operating hours or location details.

Check out our inforgraphic for some of the latest stats and incredible benefits of having a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Website Infographic



Grow YOUR Business With Mobile Marketing

Published by Baden Maxwell on April 17th, 2013 - in Mobile Marketing

Recent mobile marketing stats show that mobile internet usage is skyrocketing, and experts predict this trend to continue well beyond 2014 when mobile internet use is expected to exceed desktop usage.

As a business owner, AND mobile device user, I’m sure you don’t need any stats to recognize that the move towards mobile internet connectivity is changing the way companies do business. Not only is it becoming cheaper to promote and market – especially online – but by utilising mobile, the likelihood of marketing messages reaching our target markets is becoming incredibly quick – even INSTANT.

Our infographic quickly illustrates the effectiveness of mobile marketing, and shows you some great benefits to having a mobile online presence.

To learn how you can benefit from mobile marketing, go ahead and give us call and CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE, No Obligation consultation.

Mobile Marketing Infographic

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